Monday, May 18, 2009

Windows Mobile 6.5 Is Now Complete

Microsoft has has finished work on Windows Mobile 6.5, the next version of its operating system for smartphones. However, this doesn't mean the release is imminent.

A tweet from the Windows Mobile Development Team says it all, "For the record, Windows Mobile 6.5 is DONE..complete..looks really good IOHO and every bit functional."

More about Windows Mobile 6.5
The next version of Microsoft's operating system for high-end phones isn't a major upgrade, but it will include significant changes to its appearance.

It will be more fingertip friendly, with many on-screen elements enlarged so users can select them without a stylus. Windows Mobile 6.5 will also have more of a focus on consumers, as the Today Screen has been modified to include items like a music player and photo viewer.

Coming this Fall
Despite work on this operating system being complete, the first devices running it won't hit the market until this fall.

Releasing a new smartphone OS doesn't work the same way as it does with desktops and laptops. The new version isn't sent directly to consumers, but instead Microsoft gives it to its licensees, who customize it for their individual models and release it.