Wednesday, May 06, 2009

AT&T Introduces 'myWireless Mobile' App.

There's a new app out for all you iPhone loving Apple junkies out there. And, while this one actually has nothing to do with Apple, it'll still make all of your lives a little bit easier. AT&T has just released a free app called 'myWireless Mobile' that allows users to access and manage their phone accounts from the comfort and convenience of their iPhones.

An app like this is long overdue, and it's honestly a little boggling that AT&T didn't already have something like this ready back when the iPhone was first launched. While the tardiness is annoying, AT&T looks to have produced a very useful app that will allow their legions of iPhone customers to access their myWireless service with greater ease than ever before.

myWireless Mobile will include the ability to make one-touch payments, as well as view their voice and data use for the month. Users will also have the option of upgrading or otherwise altering their service plans from the Mobile storehouse. Plan holders will be able to view individual phone data/call usage, as well as see the group's total usage.