Monday, May 18, 2009

Microsoft announces the Facebook application for Windows Mobile

Here’s an exciting news for Windows Mobile users as they can now stay connected with friends and family through Facebook. Microsoft has officially launched the Facebook application for Windows Mobile phones and lets users access Facebook’s standard features.

This application enables a user to update status, write on wall, add videos and photos as well as amend and edit profiles. It seamlessly integrates with the phone’s features in order to make direct calls from the Facebook profiles.

The Facebook app features News feeds and provides users the ability to compose, view, reply and delete items. It also allows users to change and update photos and videos as well as post comments and read photo details. With this application, you can access your friend’s profile, invite them, view full profile, accept notifications, comment on their status and more.

Additionally, the Facebook app utilizes the Windows Mobile menu metaphor that pops up activities when a user taps their finger on the touchscreen. Microsoft claims that this is the only Facebook app which allows users to upload videos directly from their mobile phones.

The Facebook mobile version is already available for many smartphones and other mobile phones but with limited functions as compared to the desktop version.

This Facebook app is now available for Windows Mobile 6, 6.1 smartphones and it will also be available to Windows Mobile 6.5 later this year.

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