Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BaseCamp : A Time Saving Software

While planning for a project, developers always look for a tool which is simple and saves their time. For many developers it is difficult sometimes to find the right management tool to run their projects with. BaseCamp by 37signal is one such tool, which is very simple to use, and has been criticized often by others in the industry for its simplicity. However, for an average project management's needs, base camp is more than capable to handle the entire project.

Basecamp is a sleek, simple project-management application, billed as a "client extranet tool for creative-services firms," but its audience is much broader than that. This tool is used by accounting firms, banks, public schools, and wedding planners, and it needn't be limited to extranets. It can also build intranets private networks for use within a small to medium-sized business.

This web-based software possess a fresh approach to application design. Its simplicity can easily be described when we say that anyone with a passing familiarity with the web can quickly set-up a private site. It gives its users the basic tools they required to post messages, task and schedules. One can quickly add and remove the other users.

Users can customize the colors and basic layout of their site. They can even adorn each page with a small company logo. One interesting feature power users will like: Basecamp lets you export items to an XML file, which can be used with other sites and applications. You can even arrange for Basecamp to send updates to an RSS reader each time your site changes.

For the beginners, this is one handy tool to begin with to organize the development of websites. Make lists of bugs, articles to write, sites to review, tools to implement, changes to make, etc.

Having project management software is like having a partner who helps you with your work. Keeping your self organized, and having the tools you need to make your job go smoother, is hard to find in a good piece of software. Using BaseCamp to manage your project keeps you more organized as well. It fills a need. So before buying, consider your options.

We have been using Basecamp at A-1 Technology to manage our project and our clients have universally praised the simplicity and functionality of the software. If you want to try basecamp click here.

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