Thursday, May 28, 2009

Twilver: A new Silverlight Twitter App

Brandon Paddock has built a new Silverlight application called Twilver using the Silverlight 3.0 Beta SDK. To try it out, you go to, an Azure ASP .NET page which hosts the Twilver control.

The way the authentication works is that the control checks to see if it has a cached access token, and because it’s your first visit it will then redirect the hosting web page to Twitter and makes a call via the OAuth API. Then you log into Twitter directly and they give back an authorized token to Brandon’s ASP .NET service on Azure, via the OAuth callback registration.

This is more of a developer project at this point, since there isn’t an end-user friendly version of the Silverlight 3.0 Beta yet (you have to get it via the SDK), says Brandon.

The screenshot shows what the app looks like – kind of simple at this point, but this is still alpha, so expect things to change in the future.