Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quickoffice for iPhone update 1.2 brings predictive text and more

Quickoffice was the first to launch an Office suite for the iPhone and as I wrote in my review I was pleased with most of the functionality in the software, but there were a couple of glaring issues that kept me from whole-heartedly recommending that application. I saw the version 1.2 update appear on my iPhone 3G this weekend and am pleased to report that this update included some MAJOR additions that leave me satisfied after paying $20 for the application. I still want to see email attachment support because that is how many documents pass through my mobile devices.

Here is the list of everything included in the Version 1.2 update:

* Auto-correction (predictive text)! This is the biggest improvement in my eyes.
* Auto-capitalization
* Double-tap to create a period
* Adjust indentation level of bulleted/numbered lists and paragraphs
* Find text in docs
* Set paragraph alignment
* Easily view wide tables


* Copy/paste cells, columns, rows, and cell ranges & formulas that are dynamically updated. This is another MAJOR improvement for my usage.
* Landscape editing
* Set/remove cell borders
* Edit font type & size
* Edit directly into a cell in portrait view
* Add, rename, delete, and reorder worksheets inside a single spreadsheet
* Set alignment with a cell

Quickoffice Files

* Bookmark last viewed position in non-editable documents
* Slideshow viewing of images in remote & local directories

As you can see, the folks at Quickoffice have been working hard to improve their product and have almost reached perfection (need that attachment support). I have used their Quickoffice product on S60 devices and think some of these issues they are working through are related to the sandboxing that Apple does in the OS that keeps developers locked out of areas they may have had access to on other platforms.

Remember that Quickoffice lets you edit, create, and view Word and Excel files. You can view Office 2007 (.DOCX and .XLSX) files now and in a future update you will be able to edit and create them as well. A free update also coming soon will allow you to access your email attachments and send them to the Quickoffice application (Apple doesn’t give you file access so developers have to come up with workarounds.