Monday, December 21, 2009

Social Media Resolutions For 2010

A Guide on How to Create a Better Social Media Presence in 2010!

Social media is a vast field and comes with a plethora of issues to follow. Since 2010 is right around the corner, and you must be planning a new strategy for your social media marketing.

You can plan your resolutions in the social media style. The list to choose among the issues is endless, but here is a list of most important items to work on in social media in 2010. However, there is no immaculate answer in social media; each company is different, but each of these points can be adjusted for any company. It can also work as a guide on how to create a better social media presence in 2010!

1. Spend more on customer service : - So many problems could be diffused easily if companies would simply treat customers as they should. In today’s social life activities, word of mouth travels far and can truly influence users across the globe. By offering your products with excellent support and a pleasant experience, you will create brand advocates that will help you in case of emergency also.

2. Make a better effort to track conversation : - One of the toughest aspects of Social Media Marketing is tracking the conversations that are occurring in the market. Research and look out for a solution that will help you and your company achieve your social media targets. There are a number of good tracking systems on the market, the trick is to test drive them and see what will work for you. In addition to tracking mentions, tracking broad keywords and engaging customer who are looking for help can be a very profitable portion of your social media marketing campaign. When looking for tools, those that allow the archiving and exportation of data is something that can be a big help as you make your internal cause for social media.

3. Act proactive and work to protect your brand names : - Stop name squatters and others from hijacking your brand name and your trademarked term. Services like KnowEm allow you to reserve user names across hundreds of sites and prevent those from stealing your brand. Taking a few minutes and a few dollars now can save you a lot of time and money to get it back later, so get out there and protect your brand.

4. Create intelligible social media strategies & social media policies : - Most of the companies don't consider this as important than their other work and there is a lack of social media strategy and they are engaging because they think they have to. Sit down and put together a list of goals then work to find a strategy that will work to accomplish them. Don’t just Tweet or make a Facebook page because your competitor did. Come up with a list of goals and a strategy to be accomplished. Tactics and strategies are crucial in social media.

5. Provide Training & education to the workers : - Policies should be set forth to ensure that workers are not breaking terms of use, acting inappropriately or providing inaccurate information. As recently, there have been some social media meltdowns based on the lack of knowledge of some individuals acting on behalf of a company. In addition, anyone who is allowed to speak on behalf of the company should have extreme comprehension of the networks, how they work and the overall company strategy. When executed poorly, social media has the power to severely harm a brand, and providing training and education is the fundamental factor that can prevent these problems.

6. Reward loyal fans with exclusives : - By offering the customers items that are exclusive to them, you can “demonstrate value” and make them feel good about following you. Not only would they get an exclusive deal/song/download/game, they also get the feeling that they are getting a special connection that not everyone has.

This all about the important tips or you can say resolutions that you can try to work on in 2010 and watch your social presence flourish. Happy Holidays!