Monday, December 14, 2009

Google Chrome: Download YouTube Extension Accepted

The official Chrome Extensions gallery is restricted and Google doesn’t allow those extensions that it deems unfit. Easy YouTube Downloader extension was rejected by Google because it allowed users to download videos/audios from YouTube, but you can grab it from 3rd party chrome extensions gallery.

It seems that Google has realized that if they block an extension users can simply grab it from elsewhere. Today they accepted an extension called YouTube Downloader which allows anyone to download video/audio from YouTube quickly.

It adds a small download option below the embed code inside the info box on the right-sidebar, just like Easy YouTube Downloader extension. Both extensions have the same functionality, Easy YouTube Downloader adds download links while YouTube Downloader adds a drop-down menu with a button.

We wonder if Google will now accept Easy YouTube Downloader or perhaps there could be another reason why it was rejected in the first place.

The installation rate of YouTube Downloader extension is not surprising keeping the demand of such extension in mind, its been a few hours since it went live and has already surpassed 800 installations.