Thursday, December 24, 2009

Android and iPhone racing for customers

A new study reveals that Google and Apple are in a sharp race for smartphone demand. Among the Americans wanting to buy a smartphone between November and February, 20 percent plan to get and iPhone 3G or 3GS, while 17 percent want to buy an Android phone. Both categories are more specific when it comes to buying a high-end device, 14 percent of them opting for an iPhone 3GS, while 8 percent would buy a Motorola Droid.

BlackBerry is still leading in customers’ demand with 51 percent of those buyers aiming to purchase a RIM phone, but the preference for a particular model is not similar to the competitors’ situation. About 18 percent of BlackBerry customers would buy the least expensive model, the candybar Pearl. The touchscreen Storm and Storm2 demand is situated at 13 percent, but 4 percent are planning to buy a model of the high-end Bold and 3 percent are opting for its CDMA model, the Tour. Other platforms are trailing, just 2 percent aiming to buy a Palm Pre or the Windows Mobile-based AT&T Tilt.

The request for Android devices have dramatically increased compared to August when there was a lack of Android phones that left the entire group at 7 percent. Apple instead has had a steady demand and has lost only a single percentage point during the period between mid-summer and mid-fall.

BlackBerry demand is still strong, though Research in Motion is the only one company in the top three to have an operating system available on all important US carriers and selling its handsets at prices of $100, $50 or even free in some cases, on contract. Android expansion is considered identical to that of the iPhone, thanks to a great popularity of data use. On both platforms, users are more likely to utilize third-party applications, media playback, e-mail and the web than other owners of smartphones. E-mail is the only weak point on Android, 63 percent of its customers using it regularly, while in the case of the iPhone 87 percent of the owners are regularly using the service.