Saturday, December 12, 2009

Collaborate around OpenSocial gadget content using Atlassian Confluence

Hello Readers, Mark Halvorson from Atlassian posting. A while back Atlassian announced its commitment to bringing OpenSocial to the Enterprise, since that time we've been working hard to get OpenSocial working in all of our products. In October we released JIRA 4.0, Atlassian's award-winning issue tracker. With JIRA 4.0's new Shindig-based dashboards, JIRA acts as both an OpenSocial gadget producer and consumer. Now we're happy to announce that Confluence 3.1 is now generally available for download from - and it too can now both produce and consume OpenSocial gadgets!

As many of you know OpenSocial gadgets make it easier to integrate with other applications on the web and behind the firewall. Along with many other new features it is now possible to embed OpenSocial gadgets on any Confluence wiki page. This will let groups of people collaborate around gadget content from virtually any application seamlessly.

* Embedding OpenSocial Gadgets is Easy - Confluence 3.1 lets you embed Gadgets from other Atlassian tools like JIRA, Bamboo and FishEye directly into Confluence pages. You can add and configure gadgets in just a couple clicks using the Macro Browser, a visual editor available from any page.And because OpenSocial is an open standard, you can use Gadgets to integrate with 3rd party applications behind the firewall and thousands of applications on the web.

* Add Confluence to other applications - Confluence also provides its own Gadgets that you can embed into other OpenSocial containers like JIRA or even Gmail. Confluence comes with three out-of-the-box gadgets: Activity Stream, QuickNav and Confluence News.