Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Palm Pre and Pixi Getting webOS 1.3.5 Today

Sprint will release a new version of the webOS for Palm's most recent smartphones very soon. This operating system update will bring a number of enhancements, including the ability to store more third-party applications.

Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein recently gave a preview of webOS 1.3.5. His comment that caught the most attention was a promise that it will allow users to hold put more software on their Palm Pre or Pixi. This confirmed an earlier leak, which indicated that the next version of Palm's OS will let users use all of its internal storage capacity for holding apps, if they want.

Rubinstein went on to promise better Wi-Fi performance, and better performance from the Pixi.

Coming Today:-

Sprint's support website says that webOS 1.3.5 will be distributed starting today. This site also reveals some of the enhancements included in this update.

  • Improvements in battery life optimization when in marginal coverage areas.

  • QCELP capability fix will allow users to play and audio of video sent via MMS.

  • Tapping an address from contacts will launch Google Maps or Sprint Navigation.

  • Users can now download over 2G connections, when necessary

Curiously, Sprint's description of this update makes no mention of the increased capacity for storing third-party software.

Coming to a Pre and Pixi Near You:-
This carrier says it will begin pushing this update out to Palm Pre users over the air today. Users will be notified when it arrives.