Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Motorola to Launch Android App Store, SHOP4APPS

Mobile phone maker Motorola has just made its first steps into the Android area of the market, yet it seems that the company has big plans for the segment in the near future. Following the launch of its Motorola CLIQ and Motorola DROID handsets, the handset vendor is now reported to plan the launch of its own Android app store, one that will be called SHOP4APPS, it seems.

The said software solutions portal has been discovered a few days ago by the guys over at Android and Me, which also posted some shots with it, pretty handy we might add, especially since Motorola has taken down the website already, and no one can access it at the moment. However, there are some details that were uncovered along with the app store, such as the fact that it is web based and that users will be able to access it easily directly from their Android handsets.

Some of the features the said SHOP4APPS store from Motorola is expected to come around with include:

    - Apps Store catalog is accessible via your mobile browser, a mobile client, or Motorola Media Link (MML).

    - MotoAppstore free Mobile Client. This client allows you to download and install your purchases applications.

    - MyLocker section – check your download history (name of the application, date of the purchase, version).

    - The ability to purchase apps from the desktop site, place them in your MyLocker, and then download it using your handset.

    - Automatic notification alerts when a new version of an app is available.
    - The ability to re-download and transfer your apps to a new phone.