Friday, October 10, 2008

PDA and WAP: Going Hands in Hand

Personal Digital Assistant abbreviated as PDA , enables the user to work more smartly and efficiently. At present PDA programming is catching a popular buzz and hand held devices are quickly changing for PDA applications.

With the advent of wireless broadband, the PDA market is rising as people have desire to have maximum informations available at their fingertips all times. As bandwidth increases and media becomes more rich and interactive, palmtop computing is becoming a viable as a vector for unlimited revenue potential through the content creation and advertising. At this stage WAP, was developed specially to provide internet access for mobile phones and PDAs.

Since then WAP, an international standard for the devices that use the wireless communications has become an inevitable part of PDA. We can not have access to our personal computers all the time to connect to the internet, like when we are on the go or we are out of town for while and we want to check our mail or want to make a flight-reservation online . At this situations WAP becomes handy as we can carry a WAP enabled PDA.

The WAP Browser interface is similar to that of a conventional Web browser. It bookmarks, page saving and printing, user defined home and search pages, proxy, http and WAP Gateway, dial-up, cookies, multi-language interface.

WAP is an open, global specification that offer mobile users with wireless devices to easily access and interact with information and services instantly. Its principal application is to enable access to the Internet from a PDA.

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