Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Easy,Flawless & Rapid : Built & Powered in Delphi

Delphi, a high-level, compiled, strongly typed language that supports structured and object-oriented design is based on Object Pascal. Its benefits consist of easy-to-read code, quick compilation and the use of multiple unit files for modular programming. Its special features support Borland's component framework and RAD environment.

Officially released in 1995, it featured an incompatible syntax using the keyword class in preference to object, create constructor and a virtual destroy destructor, properties, method pointers. It continued to evolve throughout the years to support new language concepts such as 64-bit integers and dynamic arrays.

Delphi is based on components and thus requires a new way of optimizing applications. With Delphi, the application consists of components that interact together, so we can use a bottom up approach, where we leave the application itself intact, but focus on optimizing the underlying components.

For generation of the active server page the master page designation, the page title and the page name are employed from the table for subsequent code generation and for generation of the code behind Delphi code the page name from the detail record is employed to make the new code program name and class names required to make the program complete and functional.

Initially the creation of code generator used to take hours of repetitive coding. But now, simply key in only the particular attributes that comprises the active server page and the required code behind and then click the Make All option on the Primary Menu and the code is generated with in a few seconds that require zero testing and zero debugging.

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