Thursday, October 16, 2008

Advance Programming Language Giving Dynamic Results: PHP

At present maximum web applications running on the internet are made in PHP. PHP is rapidly catching popularity as this multi featured Programming Language precisely designs websites.

PHP engine and the PHP coding are used in every platform that expands flexibility of PHP language. Basically PHP is lucrative for both programmers and designers, programmers realizing its flexibility and tempo and web designers who worth its handiness and user-friendliness.

PHP requires web server and can be arranged on most of the web servers, operating systems and platforms. PHP provides filter taking input from a file or stream containing text and providing outputs to another stream of data.

It supports most of the known database connections like Oracle, SQL, My SQL, and ODBC thus it is an easy choice for freelance programmers to build their dynamic pages with the help of PHP development. The latest version of PHP is in demand because it can be embedded HTML coding directly and can be carried by nearly all of the web servers.

PHP is a powerful server side scripting language and is generally used in creating dynamic web pages. It can also be used from command line and graphical applications. PHP is also known as Hypertext Processor, and can run on UNIX as well as Windows Servers. PHP is broadly used in message boards, shopping carts, search engines and much more.

PHP is also used in creating health care applications, real estate portals, e learning websites, search engines, website builders, auctions web portals, sites with vast database.

PHP programmers make usage of OOPs concept and generate various internet pages on the web. Number of frameworks are used , which act as building blocks in design and structure , these are Cake PHP, Zend Framework, PRADO, Symfony etc. The LAMP architecture is quite popular in the web industry as a way of organizing applications.

Some Benefits of PHP:

• Easy data storage in databases .
• Does not depends on external programs to run the code.
• Low development and maintenance cost.
• High performance and reliability.
• Ability to embed itself into the HTML code.
• Compatible with servers like Apache and IIS.

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