Monday, October 06, 2008

Java Application Development in new feature

Web technologies have been evolving with greater pace in recent years. Java has achieved enormous popularity since it first materialized. Its rapid rise and wide acceptance can be traced to its design and programming features, particularly in its promise that you can write a program once, and run it anywhere. Java was chosen as the programming language for network computers (NC) and has been perceived as a universal front end for the enterprise database. No language is simple, but Java considered a much simpler and easy to use object-oriented programming language when compared to the popular programming language, C++. Partially modeled after C++, Java has replaced the complexity of multiple inheritance in C++ with a simple structure called interface, and also has eliminated the use of pointers. . That way, you can easily take informed decisions without relying on others for information.

To be effective, web technologies have to be:

1 Flexible
2 Interactive
3 Portable
4 Accessible
5 Secure
6 Usable

Java application development is one of the latest technologies to hit the net and it is an essential part of the evolution of business on the internet. Java is popular because it scores very high on all the above features. This is mainly because it has a prominent presence on both the client and server side. Another important facet of Java applications is that it can run anywhere. All you need is a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) running on the client’s computer. Fortunately, this is a feature that is shipped automatically with most browsers. So, you would not need to install new software or change existing systems on your machine to accommodate Java.

Apart from this, Java application development for web technologies have several other advantages. Java is easy to learn and understand. Therefore, you can easily hire java developers or even learn a little coding yourself. Java is platform independent.

Regardless of whether you are using Microsoft Windows server, Linux or UNIX systems, you do not have to worry about portability. The ability to run the same system on different platforms and machines is an important feature of web technologies because you cannot really predict what system your clients are using and what technologies can run on their systems.

Java persistence application programming Interface or JAVA Persistence API is the latest version of the Java Data Objects (JDO) technology which was the earlier persistent technology used by developers. JPA or the Java Persistence API is the latest Java Specification standard for java enterprise applications. The Java Persistence API is a java programming language framework that allows developers to manage relational data in Java standard edition and Enterprise Edition applications. Java Persistence API originated as part of the work of the JSR 220 expert group.
The java persistence API’s has been developed after drawing upon the best ideas from other prevalent persistence technologies like Top link, JDO, Hibernate etc. In simple words, Java Persistence API is a Plain Old Java Object API for object /relational mapping and supports a rich, SQL –like query language for both static and dynamic queries.Vendors involved in application development have found that the use of Hibernate technology with Java persistence API’s helps build flexible, database driven web applications that are highly scalable and involve complex business processes.

An important aspect of the popularity of Java application development for web technologies is the fact that it is an objects oriented language. So, programmers can easily create modules that can be used time and again. This obviously saves time and money. Rich internet application increases the overall productivity of the website and consequently provides a rich user experience for the visitors. It adds a flexibility to your web pages making them more alive, interactive and responsive.
You can use a variety of technologies and design elements to implement Web site navigation. As you consider different navigation techniques, keep the above seven basic comparison factors in mind. Visitors are becoming rare and rare in this competitive globe of e-commerce. Retain those who visit to your site for longer period in order to convert them as customers. Site navigation techniques help you to do so.

Java is popular with web developers because of its watertight security. Java has its own interpreter and compiler and its unique runtime environment too. These were developed with security in mind. Thus, Java offers great relief to merchant accounts and shopping cart systems that list security as a high priority.

Java application development is very popular with programmers because of its ease of use, robustness and portability. Its additional security features have helped make it the programming language of choice for internet solutions the world over.

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