Wednesday, October 22, 2008

JOOMLA :The Latest, Flexible Buzz Enhancing your CMS

Joomla Content Management System(CMS):

Joomla web designing is catching rapid popularity in the online industry as online businesses are now able to get websites designed that are customer friendly. Websites created using Joomla are far more user friendly than websites created otherwise. A Joomla CMS provides a way for these clients to easily achieve goals. The beauty of Joomla CMS is that it does not require the CMS user to be an HTML expert. Furthermore, it allows the CMS user to easily update web pages using a simple web browser interface.

Key Features of the Joomla CMS:

Creates standard visual templates.
Easier and quicker to edit and manipulate.
It has active development and user community.
Joomla controls content publishing process.
Joomla incorporates a shopping cart / e commerce system.

WHY Joomla?

With Joomla it becomes easily update and maintain web pages any time. By using Joomla website designing services, web masters and designers enjoy ease of adding more web pages to the sites conveniently as much as it is to remove pages from the site. Due to this added feasibility of appending or deletion of web pages from a site, this Joomla CMS more popular than those other commonly familiar HTML based web designing tools and applications.

Design your own Website:

Joomla enables you to develop a website without any problem. With a unique name Joomla its techniques and working of this application is also unique. This application helps a company to explain their objectives, as Joomla web designing application is used in different portals, newsletters, presentations and other promotional materials. Joomla is extremely user friendly application and anyone can easily install this designing package.

Joomla Adding flexibility :

Joomla being extremely flexible, makes web development easy and convenient.
It can easily change the overall look of a websites. The whole graphic design can be changed rapidly within seconds without having to make any modifications in the website content. One can easily maintain and update your website by adding or deleting new web pages.


The concept of Joomla designing is well accepted in the online industry. People prefer to use this application because of it's free of cost and easy to access.

Hi-Five Advantages of Joomla CMS:

1.Free: The biggest advantage of the Joomla application is that it is free of cost.
2.Several extensions : Every CMS product is supported by some modules that further boost their inherent capacity. Joomla currently shows 2000 modules and above.
3.Maintenance: Maintaining a Joomla web site is very simple as even a non technical person can maintain a Joomla website.

4.Multi linguistic: Joomla designing provides with a facility of different languages. This kind of a language facility is rare in CMS applications.
5.Self update: A person need not be dependent on any company or individual, as any person having good knowledge about Joomla designing techniques can look into maintenance and can update the website.

Joomla is an open source that means users are neither required to pay any hefty fees for licensing nor they are payable to incur any registration fees. However, most of the globally popular and commercial web designing tools cannot be used until and unless users have made sumptuous payments for obtaining rights. Being an open source web designing tool, Joomla is accessible through open source and are available through vast platform of online community sites.