Monday, October 20, 2008

Create Information Rich Dynamic Web Pages Using JSP

JSP(Java Server Pages) is a technology that enables software developers to create dynamic request like HTML, XML. JSP page is basically an HTML web page, that contains additional bits of code that generates dynamic content of the page. This technology enables Java code and definite pre-defined procedures to be implemented into static content.  JSP pages using JavaBeans, EJB components, RMI objects, DBC objects  implements processing on the server.

With introduction of JSP maximum java developers are concentrating on HTML mark up for the dynamic portions of the web page. Use of Java in the web development has taken rise due to its dynamic features such as active, convenient, structural design unbiased, safe, strong and understandable.

JSP technology enables Web developers and designers to quickly develop and simply maintain, information-rich, dynamic Web pages that empowers existing business systems. As part of the Java technology family, JSP enables rapid development of Web-based applications that are platform independent.

Benefits for Developers:

One can use JSP technology without learning how to write Java scriplets.  No doubts scriptlets are not required to generate dynamic content, they just  provide backward compatibility.

Java tag library developers and designers can extend the JSP language with "simple tag handlers," which utilize a new, much simpler and cleaner, tag extension API.

The Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) expression language is integrated into JSP technology and has been upgraded to support functions. It can be used instead of   scriptlet expressions.

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