Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Preview of AIR on Android

As thousands of mobile companies and developers converge on Barcelona for this year's Mobile World Congress, the AIR team is delighted to announce a preview of Adobe AIR on Android. We are excited to publicly show a sample of AIR applications running on an Android phone.

Using Adobe AIR, developers and designers will be able to build standalone applications to target devices running the Android operating system. These very same applications can also be deployed as desktop AIR applications on Windows, Mac, Linux, and also as applications on the iPhone using the Packager for iPhone .

If you are in Barcelona, come by our booth to check out the exciting apps that we have running on an Android device. For the rest of you, we have some video demos of AIR on Android @ http://www.adobe.com/go/airmobile

Developers using AIR on Android will be able to leverage mobile-specific features--such as multi-touch, gestures, accelerometer, GPS, and screen orientation--to deliver richer and more immersive user experiences across multiple operating systems.

Prior to the availability of AIR on Android, developers will be able to create mobile applications targeting the iPhone using the Packager for iPhone solution that we announced at Adobe MAX 2009. They share the same APIs to make the applications portable. We've worked with several developers on the applications below to get them running on AIR Android. Most of these applications are currently available in the Apple App Store today!