Monday, February 08, 2010

BlackBerry to get Gmail syncing?

Seems there is no shortage of BlackBerry Internet Service information these days. The BIS 3.0/3.1 documents contain a few long awaited changes. The folks over once again tipped off to more BIS 3.0 information. After having looked at the files, some of what we had learned from the last leak was once again confirmed. Check out the run down.
  • GMail - The enhanced plugin will get an update which allows for read/unread status of email.

  • Open Office- Open Office documents will gain support for presentations, text, speadsheets.

  • WMA Support - Long awaited handling of WM Audio will be supported now in attachments.

  • Email Setup /Validation - An enhanced email set up application will be added. Increasing security for end user and methods of email validation/revalidation uponPIN changes.

  • Carrier Enhancements - Error messages will now be more indicative of who they should be related to. ie: "If you are having a problem please contact .

  • Other -Carrier based tools such as BIS Admin which help with troubleshooting customers.

Nice updates most importantly out of all of it would be the GMail, Open Office and WMA support as I see it. The email validation and settings is something that some users will appreciate especially first time users, those familiar won't even likely notice until it comes time to change a device. Can't say I like having to wait for all these changes to happen but it's good to know they are coming. Now how about a new browser since I didn't really have an issue with the email before?