Friday, February 12, 2010

OpenOffice hits 300 million downloads as Version 3.2 ships

OpenOffice is the free, open source office suite that exists as an alternative to Microsoft Office. And does a brilliant job of it. Today has seen 3.2 released, and the community has taken the opportunity to congratulate itself on hitting the 300 million downloads mark.

I use OpenOffice and so, it appears, do millions of other people. The open source alternative may not be as popular as the Microsoft Office standard it exists to counter but it’s an invaluable set of tools for those who do use it. 3.2 is now available to download, with faster start-up times, improved compatibility with file formats, and new and improved features being the order of the day. The community is now urging all OpenOffice users to upgrade to the latest version, with those still using 2 needing to upgrade their software urgently.

OpenOffice has now been downloaded more than 300 million times as it starts its tenth year of availability.