Monday, February 08, 2010

Facebook Webmail Approaching?

There’s a strong rumor saying there’s an internal Facebook project developing to be released to the public soon: Facebook’s Webmail.

As greedy as it could sound to you, it really doesn’t seem like a big shock, Facebook is the biggest social network available with over 350 million users and with an amazing growth in the last few years. Constantly looking for new ways to expand; a while ago we’ve showed you an interview of Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckeberg, that said Facebook is not intended to be a simple website, they are looking to represent your identity in Internet.

There isn’t much information about the project, which already has a codename: Titan and that your mail address will be the same used in your vanity URL. In my case should be And of course, you will be able to set E-Mail Clients like Outlook or Thunderbird to access your mail using POP or IMAP protocols.

The webmail really sounds like a very possible next step. Could we expect next a bigger instant messaging experience?