Friday, January 15, 2010

Apple intros new MobileMe app - Gallery

Apple has introduced a new MobileMe-related App for the iPhone and iPod touch, dubbed Gallery (App Store -Free).

This lets MobileMe users access their image galleries, including those that are password protected and also hidden albums, lets users view friends’ gallery photos and movies, access previously viewed photos offline, and share links to albums directly from the iPhone. It supports flick and pinch-to-zoom gestures though it requires a MobileMe account.

“You can create a new album or make changes to your gallery at from virtually anywhere. Easily upload new photos, rearrange them, edit titles, and more. Your changes are instantly reflected in your gallery for friends to see. Have a Mac? You can upload photos directly from iPhoto ’09 or Aperture 2 with just a few clicks. And if you snap a picture on the road or capture video using your iPhone 3GS, you can post it directly to your gallery with a few taps,” Apple explains.

The company adds: “The free MobileMe Gallery app lets you view all the photos and movies published in your gallery with a tap. All your albums are beautifully displayed and easy to browse using simple pinch and flick gestures. If there's a photo you want to share, tap to email a link. The MobileMe Gallery app lets you enjoy friends' photos, too. Just add other MobileMe members to your Friends list and view their galleries as easily as you view your own.”

It is also possible to allow friends to contribute their photos using a browser or via email.

The Gallery app is free for MobileMe members and available now on the App Store in iTunes. MobileMe Gallery also works with Apple TV.