Saturday, January 16, 2010

Amazon expands Kindle DTP platform worldwide

Amazon has made two important changes to its Digital Text Publishing platform today -

1. Authors and Publishers outside the US can now publish their books for the Kindle. Before this only US based authors could use the DTP platform.
2. English, German, and French language books can be published.

Amazon have also said that additional language options will be added to the Kindle DTP platform in future months.

Pieces of Amazon’s global Kindle strategy coming together

There have now been three important international kindle moves in the last 3 months -

1. Kindle 2 Global - Available in 173 countries, and now with WhisperNet in 100+ countries.
2. Kindle DX Global - Also available in the same countries.
3. Kindle DTP goes worldwide and supports French and German in addition to English.

Amazon is making it clear that -

1. They intend to sell Kindles and eBooks worldwide.
2. They intend to let people from all over the world publish to their platform.

We’re on the verge of the first Publishing paradigm in which there is no concept of territorial rights.

What’s next for Kindle DTP?

That’s a good question.

1. There are still a lot of languages left.
2. There are various features that could be added to the DTP website itself.
3. There must be other things that can be done to enrich the platform.

Kindle DTP is just going to keep growing. When Blogs were allowed in using Kindle Publishing for Blogs there was a deluge of Blogs.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see a similar uptick in number of self-published titles now that we have two additional languages and the rest of the world’s authors and small publishers allowed in.

There are currently 408,963 books in the Kindle Store. Look for it to grow by 50,000 or more books over the next few weeks.

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