Saturday, January 16, 2010

Get Optimized Google Search Suggestions on Android and iPhone

Typing on cellphones is more difficult than it is on computers. While the computer keyboard offers us a place to rest our hands to type and keys large enough to easily press, in a cellphone the tiny keys often make typing rather time consuming.

Google has recognized this difficulty faced by mobile phone users and has now introduced a new feature to save our time while running Google Search on our cellphones.

When we type some characters in the search bar of Google, some suggestions automatically appear. These suggestions might seem random to the average user and might be useless. But at times the suggestion is exactly what we need and occasionally even better than what we about to originally search for.

Google has now improved their search suggestions for cellphone users by presenting search suggestions based on the current or recent location of the cellphone user. For instance, typing ‘muse’ in the search bar while a user is in Boston will present suggestions like “Museums in Boston.”