Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sprint and Skiff To Unveil Speediest and Thinnest eReader at CES

2010 will definitely be a year to fancy some of the best and more improved e-book readers. Come CES and we’ll be head-on with a newly developed Skiff reader. Based on the service provider Sprint’s wireless service, the device measures only a quarter of an inch thick and is almost 11.5-inches diagonally. That’s a really big display for your content, which is displayed at 1,200 x 1,600 pixels resolution.

Featuring an e-ink-based touchscreen display with scroll wheel for easier navigation, the Skiff reader as in the words of Skiff President, Gil Fuchsberg, “is the speediest reader yet.”

Also being possibly the thinnest, the Skiff reader’s vitals include 4GB of internal memory extendable by SD card, a 3.5mm headphone jack, USB and Wi-Fi with optional 3G. There’s no word on what price the device would be marketed at, but Fuchsberg says “It will be competitively priced.” Does that ring bells in Amazon’s ear?