Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Verizon to offer prepaid BlackBerry service?

Verizon will offer a prepaid BlackBerry data plan within the next three months, according to an unnamed source that is said to be historically reliable. The plan will cost $35 on top of a voice plan, though no other details are known at this time. It is likely that only certain BlackBerry devices will be eligible for the prepaid data plan, but this is again unconfirmed.

Thus far, Verizon offer only four handsets in its prepaid scheme, with none of them true smartphones. Three are flips, while one is a candybar, and the prepaid plans are based on daily access rather than a monthly one, as at many other carriers.

Prepaid BlackBerries are increasingly common at other carriers worldwide, most recently Wind Mobile in Canada, but are rare in the US. Most American carriers typically encourage more lucrative monthly smartphone plans that often cost about $70 per month.