Monday, August 24, 2009

Video Chat Comes to Your iGoogle Homepage

iGoogle is a start page for number of users to access customized information like: news, emails, blog posts and much more. It also allows you to chat with iGoogle friends. Now you can extend this chatting experience by doing video chat with iGoogle friends. Video chat was introduced for Gmail users while back and now it is also available for iGoogle users.

Start video chat on iGoogle page

1. Download Video chat plugin (not need to download, if it is already installed for Gmail video chat)
2. To start video chat, goto menu option Actions > Start video chat
3. Green icon next to friend name lists video chat ready friends.
4. Start the chat in popup window & make it bigger or fullscreen mode.

Video chat on iGoogle is ideal for Gmail users without going into Gmail. It is also useful for non-Gmail users and can be used by any user with Google account. iGoogle start page just became more interactive and chatty with video chat feature. This feature is not available to all users, it will be rolled out to all the users in the next few days according to Google.