Thursday, August 20, 2009

Survey : App dev budgets increasing

Despite current economic uncertainty across the globe, senior-level executives and software development professionals are seeing an increase in development budgets, according to a recent survey by software development outsourcer.

Conducted from April to June of this year, the survey of more than 6,000 executives and development professionals conducted by SoftServe revealed that 60 percent of respondents reported increases in software development budgets for 2009. Results of the survey were announced Wednesday. Twenty-six percent indicated budgets had increased in excess of 10 percent over 2008 expenditures.

    "Even amidst reports of global economic uncertainty and confusion, many companies are choosing to steel themselves for recovery by investing more, not less, in business-critical software development initiatives," said Taras Kytsmey, president of SoftServe, in a statement released by the company."Though overall findings of this survey point to project management and design of such initiatives as ongoing challenges, the most important thing is that these organizations recognize the need for improvement in the people, processes, tools and communication employed in these efforts.

    This data gives companies a starting point for streamlining development efforts onward into 2010 and ensuring that development initiatives translate into greater return on software investments."

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