Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Twitter Ensures Safety by Filtering Malicious Links

Security firm F-Secure discovered that Twitter has begun blocking links to malicious sites when users try to post them on this free social networking service. Malicious links spread more quickly on Twitter's lightening fast communications platform.

With numerous incidents having taken place already, Twitter is cracking down by filtering URLs to known malicious sites. Try posting a link to such a site, and you’ll receive the warning: “Your Tweet contained a URL to a known malware site!”

The popular micro-blogging service has quietly started using the Google Safe Browsing API to block links to known malicious Web sites. The blocking of malicious URLs shows that the company is not ignoring security concerns though.

Although, it is odd that they have not addressed this in a blog post or anything as Twitter hasn’t announced this initiative and didn’t respond to a request for comment about it.