Thursday, August 20, 2009

RIM Plans for Flash & Silverlight Support for BlackBerry

According to the Boys Genius Report, Research In Motion has plans to update its browser and future BlackBerry devices by adding Adobe Flash and Microsoft Sliverlight support. The future versions of the Blackberry browser (based on the same Webkit framework as Mobile Safari, and Android's Chrome browser) will have FULL Flash support and Full Silverlight capabilities.

With Flash being one of the most sought after features this can only be taken as extremely good news for BlackBerry owners, as at present there are no workarounds or even third party apps that will allow Flash video content on BlackBerry devices.

We all know that when RIM proposes something or plans something, it probably means it’s a while away. According to a BGR's source this won’t happen until next summer as RIM needs to add some time due some to technical restrictions on the current handset offering from the company. RIM than will have access to higher data speeds for this to work effectively (HSPA and LTE). RIM has already achieved over 10Mbps downloads on next generation BlackBerrys in the test labs with test LTE equipment so it’s looking good, folks.

Fierce competition is expected ahead with the presence of other smartphones in the market. As earlier BlackBerry gets a lot of criticism for not producing a browser experience on par with the likes of iPhone. The introduction of this full-blown version, along with Silverlight support can act as a differentiating factor with the iPhone.

The news is likely to scare operators around the world into how they will deliver the possible millions of video and high data streams that flash integration will allow.