Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Google Chrome with bookmark syncing for users

Google ChromeGoogle has come up with bookmark syncing for users of its Chrome web browser.Wit this you can sync your chrome browser bookmarks on different machines either home office or any other machine.

Xmarks, the well known Bookmark syncing utility is also letting users register for a beta to test out its Chrome support.

On its blog Google (Google) explained the new addition:-

As of today’s dev channel build, we’re adding a brand new feature to Google Chrome: bookmark sync. Many users have several machines,one at home and one at work for example.This new feature makes it easy to keep the same set of bookmarks on all your machines,and stores them alongside your Google Docs for easy web access.

To activate this feature,launch Google Chrome(Google Chrome)with the –enable-sync command-line flag. Once you set up sync from the Tools menu, Chrome will then upload and store your bookmarks in your Google Account.Anytime you add or change a bookmark, your changes will be sent to the cloud and immediately broadcast to all other computers for which you’ve activated bookmark sync (using the same XMPP technology as Google Talk).