Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Palm Pre Vs. iPhone : Opt for a Best Smartphone

iPhone faces heat from a new challenger in the market in shape of a slick new software with a cool design. Palm Pre is all set to to take over the market place and will surely outdo the hype created by the iPhone. It not only looks good, but also features applications that make it desirable to any device enthusiast. Its technical features goes well with its superior looks.

The Pre resembles the iPhone in terms of most of its features. And it even carries few innovative capabilities not seen on the iPhone, such as an actual QWERTY keypad and the ability to have multiple applications open at once. But for financially savvy shoppers, the Pre on Sprint's 3G network offers a value proposition that may just be enough to tip the scale when deciding between smartphones.

In terms of the upfront cost of the devices, the iPhone and the Pre are the same. But the Pre's initial monthly service starts at $70, whereas,s iPhone'ss AT&T unlimited plan at $100 a month. It's really the service contract from Sprint that sets the Pre apart from the iPhone from a cost perspective.

Both the Pre and the iPhone are good products. They both physically look good. They appeal to people's senses. They're easy to use. And both are very comparable, but the Pre on Sprint's network offers better value for many consumers. In short words Palm pre is the next alternative for iPhone, lets take a look on the some features of both smartphone’s.

1. Screen: Both phones have smultitouch Screens. The Pre’s glowy little “gesture area” has dropped the touchable real estate all the way down to the bottom of the phone.

2. Multitasking: In the case of Multitasking, Palm appears to be the clear winner, whereas, iPhone lags miles behind.

3. Developers : Again Palm pre is leading with WEBOS because it supports JavaScript, HTML and CSS. While Apple provides OS X-based SDK.

4. Web Integration: Palm Pre, again with WEBOS, supports to share your contacts of Facebook, Gmail, IM and and scanned for duplicates also. Truly Web Interface.

5. Applications : Here Apple gains the advantage of Third party applications Via App store or Cydia there are tons of free & paid applications available for iPhone while it may take time for Palm Pre to have this type of support.

6. Camera: The Palm Pre gains another advantage with the LED Flash for its 3MP camera, which iPhone lacks. Flash cellphone photos are ugly, but for a lot of people, they’re good enough.

7. Keyboard : Palm Pre has Physical QWERTY Keyboard while iPhone has pretty Virtual Touch keyboard. For the existing iPhone users, it’s a bit hard now to use QWERTY Keyboard so iPhone gains another advantage.

8. Battery: Apple’s comes with their non-removable battery while Palm pre comes out for a spare swap too.

9. Copy & Paste: The Pre supports this feature, whereas, iPhone still doesn’t and still this is not expected in near future.

Therefore with its agile and smart software, the Palm Pre has become a favorite of many already. The Palm Pre is the most interesting phone and has become a big challenge to the market leaders like the iPhone and the Android. So, to conclude it can be stated that Palm Pre is surely something to look forward to. And Apple must have to work on its Third version of iPhone to compete with Palm Pre other wise palm pre has the potential to grab a good amount of Smart Phone market.