Thursday, June 18, 2009

Google and Facebook still biggest players in UK

You can hardly call it "news" anymore but still... Hitwise has released new numbers showing that Google is still the biggest player when it comes to online in the UK.

The search engine not only is the biggest search engine with over 90% market share (.com and combined), it's also the most visited site overall. Facebook is a very good second before the big gap with the others shows up. Google is biggest in almost every categorie with services like YouTube, Google Images and even Gmail accounting for lots of visitors.

In the top 20 websites visited last week (ending June 13th), Google takes up four different spots with Gmail and Image search for example also in the top twenty. The BBC is as always also very present with three sites in the top.

The top 20 also shows that both Gmail and Bing have a long way to go. Gmail still is small compared to Windows Live Mail (Hotmail) and Bing just entered the top 20.

When it comes to the search engines after Google looking at the last month Yahoo is still the strongest brand in the UK, followed by Ask and Bing. However if you only look at last week Bing surpassed Yahoo and went to the fourth spot with a marketshare of 3,11%.

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