Thursday, June 11, 2009

Apple launches a New Smartphone : iPhone 3G S

Apple announced the new iPhone 3G S at WWDC 2009.The new Apple Smartphone is twice as fast, with up to a 3.06GHz processor from Intel. Expandable memory up to 8GB--that brings lots of applause. It can fit up to 500GB inside and starts at $1,699. . In addition, gaming on the new 2009 iPhone has been given a nice speed bump. As the new and faster iPhone 3GS will be able to offer better support for online games, meaning that developers will now be working like mad to have these games made available on the iTunes App Store.

Most MacBook Pro customers have digital cameras today. They prefer popping out SD cards and putting them right into a laptop.There are ports on the sides, instead of an ExpressCard slot, there is a new SD card slot.

Apple is also updating the 17-inch MacBook, which has 2.8GHz of processing power and a 500GB hard drive but keeps the ExpressCard slot. The 13-inch MacBook is also getting an update. It will have seven-hour battery life now, and will also get a new high-color display, as well as the SD card slot now. It can now expand with up to 8GB of memory and a 500GB hard drive, and it has the LED-backlit keyboard.

A new logo has been assigned to QuickTime. It is now "super efficient" and has HTTP streaming. It will work with any Web server. With such a change, Apple decided to change the interface of the player as well. The onscreen controls disappear when you play content in QuickTime now.

With snow leopard you can magnify thumbnails and click through documents as thumbnails, and also play videos as thumbnails. In addition, You can also drag thumbnails into an e-mail message in Mail. By clicking Expose, you can line up all open windows on a cluttered desktop. With Dock Expose, you click and hold, and can see all open windows in each application. You can also draw Chinese characters with your fingers on the trackpad. The mail program is now faster. Users get few extra features in crash resistant, Snow Leopard. The new Safari 4 will ship for Leopard, Tiger, and Windows. Safari 4 is faster for HTML and JavaScript than Chrome 2, Firefox 3, and Internet Explorer 8.

Safari 4 lets the users track the top sites quickly. Get a grid of all the sites you visit the most. Safari 4's full-history search gives a Cover Flow view across all the sites you've visited. It also integrates spotlight search of browser history.
Apple also announced that iPhone 3.0 supports tethering--using the phone's Internet connection to add Web access for your Mac or PC. Tethering will work over USB cord or Bluetooth, and won't require any special software on the computer. The big news, though, is that although Apple has a number of carriers committed to supporting tethering, and AT&T isn't one of them.

You can watch TV shows, and purchase videos and audiobooks. There's also support for iTunes U, Apple's educational service that offers podcasts of university classes. Parental controls will be expanded to include movies, TV shows, and apps in the App Store. It can limit kids to rent G-rated movies, for instance, or only buy age-appropriate apps.

With a huge cheers from the crowd a new stunning feature called Find My iPhone was also launched. Find My iPhone is available only to MobileMe customers, but it will allow you to see on a map where your phone is. You can send an alert tone to your phone that will play, announcing that it's lost. It will play even if you left your phone in silent mode. If your phone is really lost, there's a remote kill switch to wipe your phone of all your data. This feature is pretty cool.

The new iPhone 3G S, where S stands for speed has the same design as iPhone 3G from last summer, but what's inside is entirely new. Messaging apps, games, and attachments all load faster. They've gauged the speeds measured on the iPhone 3G S using OS 3.0 software. The 3G S is ready for AT&T's faster 3G network, Apple says. As expected, there's a better built-in camera too--a 3-megapixel autofocus camera.