Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Mom Market

Mothers are the primary shoppers in the most households and control 85% of household spending. Moms are considered as the most powerful consumers these days. Whether buying products for themselves, their families, their friends or their businesses, Moms are the muscle behind the economic indicators. Most businesses must try to market to moms, as they are the key decision-makers when it comes to plan or make a family budget. If you are not selling to women, and moms in particular, you are missing out on a huge section of the online shopping market.

Here are some useful tips on how companies can get on Mom’s radar.

Focus on networks When marketing to moms, you need to take advantage of the networks they build. Moms love to talk about what they're buying, so if you have a good product or message, the word will spread. Virtually all new moms join some sort of play group or support group, so it's wise to get your message across to these members.

Embrace technology Never before have so many moms researched a product or service online. Moms don't have time to go to stores to shop around, nor do they want to bring their kids to the store if they don't have to. A good website and high search rankings are essential to being found and reviewed by the mommy market. Ideally, moms should be able to easily purchase your product online.

Offer education. Moms use the internet to educate themselves. Offer valuable content that moms can reference as a way to bring them to your site. Moms spend more time online than they do in front of a TV.

Save them time Moms will all agree they need more time. Focus on the time savings benefits of your product or service, and it'll score points with moms. Moms are expert multi-taskers and crave the ability to do more in less time.

Get to the point Tied to lack of time, moms want marketing that gets to the point. Offer free shipping or a quick deal, but don't ask moms to spend time reading about your product or service. If you're offering a discount, show the price they'll pay. Don't ask moms to figure out what 10 percent off will be. If you have a product, show a picture; don't give a lengthy description.

Market to the individual. Yes, we're all moms, but we're also different. Some moms stay at home, some work at home, and some work away from home. Be careful that your marketing message doesn't make a blanket statement that would leave someone out. Don't assume all moms are home watching Oprah.

Word-of-mouth is a big deal with moms as they love to talk, compare, and share. In addition the Internet lets them extend the conversation beyond their local circle. If you’ve won the admiration of a mother, you can be assured she’ll spread the word. The right combination of print, electronic and online marketing enhanced with a strong public relations effort can mean millions to your bottomline.