Thursday, June 04, 2009

Acer all set to unveil Google Android Notebook

Acer, the world's third-biggest PC maker plans to sell Android notebook computers in the third quarter of this year. The company has announced that it would start manufacturing the world’s first mainstream notebooks using Google’s Android operating system. The system will be available before the end of September.

The move poses a challenge to Microsoft by providing an alternative to the Windows operating system on small, low-priced PCs, which holds a major share in the netbook market. Google does not charge manufacturers for installing the Android OS, while Microsoft charges around $20 per computer for the use of XP. Thus, Microsoft’s hold on PC operating systems is about to face fresh challenges.

According to Acer the new offering will be cheaper than its current Aspire One models. It'll will run on both XP and Android, and allow users to switch between the two.Apart from that the Android operating system offers incredibly fast wireless connection to the Internet giving Acer a strong reason, to develop Android netbooks for added convenience to its customers.

Netbooks are designed to be compact in size and provides easy connection to the Internet. The main attraction of using the Android system was its fast start-up time allowing users to power up the computer in 18 seconds and power down in one second.

Meanwhile fellow laptop manufacturer Dell is believed to also be planning its own Android notebook and Industry leader Hewlett Packard is also conducting some tests on it. With all the things kept aside the present focus remains on Acer who believes that their new creation will contribute significantly to the worldwide netbook market growth.