Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reinventing Web With Opera Unite

The tiny Norwegian company, Opera software unveiled a new version of its software that's designed to give users more control over the information they upload and share via the Web. It enable simple sharing of personal computers' pictures, files or music with anyone on the Internet.

In a bid to "reinvent the Web", as said by the company, the new service is part of Opera's Web browser, enables direct downloading from personal computer to personal computer and removes any need for data storage at servers in the middle. Files can be viewed with any browser. Similar technologies have been available before for tech-savvy consumers, but these have required downloading separate software, paying usage fees, or a long process of uploading content -- limiting take-up of the services.

The new feature will be useful for Internet users who are uncomfortable sharing their files and interacting with friends over privately owned Web sites, which set their own rules for privacy, and can't always be counted on to store files permanently.

Opera Unite lets users set passwords for access to selected files on their computers. In addition, Opera Unite helps users save time they would otherwise spend uploading files to the Web or sending them in an e-mail. Users can choose from a number of pre-installed services to share files, photos, set up a chat room as well as create a personal Web server. Further services will be available to download and when the Opera Unite service officially launches could become a thriving community. The whole process is no more complex than adding a desktop widget.

Opera Unite is quite easy in operation. The product opens up many possibilities for close-knit personal communities. All users have to do to start one is send their address to others and watch them interact with the pages. Access can be public, limited to specific URLs or private, which lets only the creator access their own files, turning Opera into a useful storage facility for when they're away from the main PC.

Opera has a small share of the desktop browser market, but its mobile browser is the most widely used browser on handsets. Opera is a product that many have heard of and its unique features could help it capture a lot of market share and spark a new wave of personalized Internet. If you can handle the reliance on Opera's servers to handle the proxy side, Opera 10 is well worth investigating.