Wednesday, June 03, 2009

iPhone outstrips Google's Android

Google's Android smartphone after rapid launching, has begun to fall behind the iPhone in a discerning measure of smartphone success. After keeping the iPhone's pace in the early five months on the market, Google’s Android has fallen behind the race set by Apple’s smartphone iphone in terms of its occurrence on the Web

Android was catching up the iphone idustry in the initial five months, with the launch of its first Android phone - the T-Mobile G1 but it soon fell off the pace in the sixth month, with the the iPhone set upon its launch. Meanwhile, the iPhone’s expanding Web presence shows no signs of slowing down. According to a report by Net Applications, page requests by the iPhone operating system continue to rise while requests from the Android operating system have flattened out.

Another data provided by AdMob which specifically measures advertising requests coming in from the Web confirms that requests from the Apple operating system have outpaced requests from any other smartphone sources, RIM and Android included.

The smartphone market is still in its early growth stage, however, and things may yet pick up for Android. Certainly, the initial buzz around new entry of T-Mobile with Android into the smartphone race is likely to give it strong initial sales. But as Google and T-Mobile have learned, sustaining the buzz may not be so easy, especially with Apple expected to introduce a new iphone, perhaps as early as next week.

Although the smartphone market is relatively young, the iPhone appears to be the smartphone that is actually being used by its purchasers, regardless of purchase stats. The iPhone’s position is not indomitable, but it continues to be very strong.