Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Top Five Trends in Technology

Technology transforms at a very fast pace. The up-gradation and progression of technology is a continuous process and we see a number of products launched with retailored technologies. Understanding trends in technology can mean the difference between increasing revenue on the one hand and a failed business model on the other. These technologies impact the organization's long-term plans, programs and initiatives. They may be strategic because they have matured to broad market use or because they enable strategic advantage from early adoption.

The launch of the EEE PC, the MacBook Air, Nokia E71, etc. in 2008 added glitter in the technology trends. This year seems no less promising. Let us take a look at the technologies that are bound to make a stir in the market this year.

Cloud Computing : sign of changing software trends : -

This is one of the most hyped and awaited developments. Cloud computing is a style of computing that characterizes a model in which providers deliver a variety of IT-enabled capabilities to consumers. They key characteristics of cloud computing are;

1) delivery of capabilities “as a service,”

2) delivery of services in a highly scalable and elastic fashion

3) using Internet technologies and techniques to develop and deliver the services

4) designing for delivery to external customers.

It centralizes your data and applications on the Internet, which is probably the single most important paradigm shift going on today. Instead of operating a LAN (local area network), with all of its connected workstations and security concerns, you do everything on a hosted internet solution. Gone are the old security problems of connecting a network to the internet, since your whole operation is already on the internet.

Although cost is a potential benefit for small companies, the biggest benefits lies in the built-in elasticity and scalability, which not only reduce barriers to entry, but also enable these companies to grow quickly. As certain IT functions are industrializing and becoming less customized, there are more possibilities for larger organizations to benefit from cloud computing.

Mobile Computing : Securing Future : -

Computing has adorn a new form in shape of portable smart devices like BlackBerry and iPhone. 2008 saw the launch of iPhone 3G, Samsung's Omnia, Innov8, the Xperia. Infinite number of functionality are being offered in these mobile devices as the number of available applications explodes. Most smartphones are likely to come with 640 x 480 displays. A lot of graphic improvements are likely to come. Most of the cellphones will incorporate GPS, and the trend of preferring them to standalone GPS devices have started. Business communication has gone portable and it's time you join the trend!

Social Software & Social Networking : New paradigm of business communication

Social software comprises of a wide range of technologies, such as social networking, social collaboration, social media and social validation. Using marketing tools which utilize sites like Facebook and Twitter is a common phenomenon. Open sharing and transparency of data are the new trend in communication. A number of companies launch their ad campaigns which utilize Twitter. Businesses are planning to create environments like this on their intranets for their employees, to share ideas and solve problems like never before.

Virtualization : A New World ;

Much of the current buzz is Virtualization of servers, where, one server impersonating 5 servers, and pulling it off, is the new world of network computing. Virtualization to eliminate duplicate copies of data on the real storage devices while maintaining the illusion to the accessing systems that the files are as originally stored (data deduplication) can significantly decrease the cost of storage devices and media to hold information. This cost effective way of handling the deluge of data in business today is just another trend with which you must contend.

Trendy Notebook or Netbook?

Notebook or Netbook? You may have seen them around. A small (10 inches!) laptop computer designed for wireless communication and Internet access. A number of manufacturers are hot on this trend trying to produce the perfect mobile internet device. Every PC manufacturer released a netbook last year to allure the growing user segment. This product has synergy with the cloud, as it is well suited for remotely accessing web based applications. This type of product will be developed further as the future in the cloud looms. Sleeker designs, snazzier cases and the plethora of color options will be in demand. Next on the demand will be notebooks with LED backlighting technology. They are lighter & thinner than traditional screens, consume lesser energy, save almost 10 per cent energy, and do not use mercury. You might expect to see the combo dedicated graphics cards and on-board graphics in laptops. It will provide you the option to switch between graphics power and battery stamina depending on the need.