Monday, September 07, 2009

4 Facebook Mobile Updates You Should Know About

Yesterday Facebook made a number of mobile announcements in addition to a number of partners that made announcements about support for their Facebook mobile offerings. Rather than posting a bunch of articles about each of the news announcements, we’ve compiled all the announcements into a single list. It’s clear that an increasing percentage of Facebook users are using Facebook’s mobile services as their default method of accessing the site.

Facebook Surpasses 65 Million Users

Yesterday Facebook announced that they had surpassed 65 million mobile users, accounting for approximately 25 percent of all Facebook users. As Facebook expands globally, there is no question that the percentage of Facebook users that access the site on their mobile devices will increase over time. While the best interfaces are found on the iPhone and Blackberry (and soon on Android devices), any mobile device with internet access can view the site.

Nokia Announces Ovi Lifecasting With Facebook

Yesterday Nokia announced a new service called Ovi Lifecasting. In a relatively lengthy video (embedded below), Nokia highlights a new system which makes it possible to connect to your friends in real-time through a layer that’s built on top of Facebook. While the full functionality of the service isn’t really clear, it’s obvious that Nokia has realized that they need to provide integrated Facebook access in order to sell more phones.

T-Mobile Announces Sidekick Support For Facebook

Yesterday, T-Mobile announced that more sidekick devices can now access Facebook through a free application. The company is also attempting to sell a Twitter application for $1.99 (for some unknown reason) but all Facebook users can log in to Facebook for free. Over 65,000 people are already using Facebook for Sidekick but with this new version being accessible to older versions of the Sidekick, I’d expect that number to increase.

Facebook Announces Connect For The Mobile Web

Developers now have another library for developing Connect-enabled versions of their applications for all mobile devices. While there is already services for the iPhone and the web in general, enabling Connect on basic mobile sites was not an easy task until now. Yesterday the company launched Facebook Connect for the Mobile Web. It functions like all other connect applications but increases the number of people that will now be able to view the apps.