Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Apple launches App Store Resource Center to ease submissions

Apple has created a new section on its site dedicated to iPhone developers that documents important details about the iPhone submission process.

The new App Store Resource Center within Apple’s iPhone Dev Center site is now live, providing access to much needed information detailing the App Store submission process.

According to Apple’s e-mail communication dispatched to registered iPhone developers this past Friday, the new online content assists developers with submitting and managing their iPhone apps.

Christian’s Opinion

We finally see Apple addressing the mounting criticism aimed at the App Store application process. The new resource center is an important step towards making the application process less painful and more transparent. Frankly, one would have expected this resource center back in March 2008, when Apple first announced the iPhone SDK and created a comprehensive online destination for iPhone developers dubbed the iPhone Dev Center.

Although the iPhone Dev Center has been providing a myriad of invaluable content to would-be iPhone developers, important details about the submission process have never been made public until now. However, the most important piece of the puzzle is still missing - the review process policies. Until Apple publicly documents its internal policies that govern the iPhone review process, the company will be bashed heavily each time it rejects an app over dubious claims.