Monday, March 02, 2009

Now Write Excerpt in Wordpress With Excerpt Editor

In WordPress Excerpts are optional hand-crafted short summaries of your Post or content . It is written by hand and it can replace the full post in places where a summary is preferable.In addition when used as META descriptions, good excerpts bring more and better traffic from search engines.

Presently in WordPress default means offered to manage excerpts is the Excerpt box. If you need more and you are serious about excerpts,fortunately,there are several good plugins to manage excerpts.One of them is Excerpt Editor .

Excerpt Editor provides a convenient plateform for creating and editing all WordPress excerpts.Excerpt Editor lets you do many things. It can also add custom excerpts for pages. It contains many new features like option to append excerpts from the most recent posts or from the sub-pages to all Posts and/or Pages, option to replace the content with the excerpt on the Home page, all archive pages and/or all tags pages,Control the appearance of excerpts. This eliminates content duplication in this

If you need to add excerpts to a large number of posts than Excerpt Editor is a great convenience. It brings all excerpts, empty and filled-in, together in one place, so that you can edit or add excerpts one after the other. For posts with no excerpt, it shows the first 70 words to help you start. Once you are finished, you click Save and it goes to the next post.If you want the extended functionality of Excerpt box in wordpess, I think Excerpt Editor would be useful .