Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New outsourcing trends to watch

Which way is the wind blowing in the outsourcing market? What's alarming on the horizon in the next five years to come?

Contest for outsourcing agreements is more competitive than ever. As there is a large number of suppliers so major consolidation is on the prospect. The rise of offshore competition creates quality options for outsourcing and creates value for your company.


It has been said With the advent of globalization, more and more jobs are being outsourced to India. The outsourcing trend has brought with it a vast number of opportunities to India.. India is still dominating other countries .But IDC analyst studies say that by the year 2011 the cities in China will be leaving behind their Indian counterparts as top destinations for offshore global delivery. As more and more regions look for cash in on the offshore boom, the trend is for increasing globalization of the market though China is expected to surpass India in the outsourcing business.

Ahead of these Brazil, Russia, India, China, i.e the developing nations like Egypt and Portland are emerging as sources of offshore labor. According to TPI Aitchison, trend is not only for a "greater pattern of diversity" in the outsourcing sector but it is also for better specialization because smaller players look for something different from the market.

Person-to-person offshoring

One thing which is related to large- scale business redeployments is Offshoring. Study put forward that there is rising drive for reuse of a much smaller scale. Some of the examples of the services which are outsourced in similar way are online tutoring, Web and software development, and writing and translation services. For these services the customers can be individuals or can be small businesses too. According to Evaluserve the revenue for this division located at more than $250 million between April 2006 and March 2007, and it predicts that the value of the P2P offshoring market will rise to more than $2 billion by 2015.

Green sourcing
The increase in the growing prices has placed ecology matters rigidly on CIOs' radar. Now the question arises that whether the pressure to show green credentials influence businesses' outsourcing decisions as well?
It has been revealed that environmental features play a basic responsibility in the selection of technology suppliers and partners.

Virtual worlds
The growth of virtual worlds like Second Life makes it easy for the companies to give explanation for hiring offshore workers for everyday jobs which may comprise building virtual offices or even working as virtual-world "meeters and greeters." It’s well known that the market for outsourced virtual-world services is still not so old. Also the businesses are taking great interest in the likes of Second Life.

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