Monday, March 16, 2009

Apple to reveal next generation of iPhone software

Tomorrow, yes tomorrow Apple is going to provide a peep at its newest tech fiddling for the iPhone.

It’s in news from some sources that "Get an advance preview of what we're building” is being said. It is also said that Apple will be using the events which are to be held at company headquarters so as to talk to the SDK (Software Development Kit) and which in turn will help the independent engineers in writing the applications for the device, and for discussing the features of the new iPhone 3.0 operating system.

The last week’s iPod shuffle redesign, which included a "talking" function, could provide a hint for new iPhone capabilities. It is supposed that making iPhone calls easy while driving will be possible because Apple is going to add speech recognition functions which is the demand of many users.

More updates will also be there like including a better way for consumers so as to navigate the App Store and a new iPhone Safari browser. It is expected that whatever be the changes that Apple is planning to proclaim will be considerable. Also it is expected that features like universal search or a new user interface will also be there.

In an investor report also this is said that "Apple may be settling into an annual summer hardware refresh cycle with the iPhone, similar to the iPod's fall refresh cycle.

All of us know that iPhone’s physical design, its multi-touch display and 3.5- inch screen were also revolutionary in the mobile-phone industry but the iPhone’s software will make future innovation.

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