Wednesday, March 18, 2009

IE 8, Silverlight 3 on hitting for Microsoft's Mix

Microsoft web technologies is organising MIX09, this year's annual conference for web developers, designers, and enthusiasts is going to start tomorrow. Though MIX09 will be covering many Microsoft web technologies, including Internet Explorer 8, the biggest focus will be on Silverlight 3.

Within this week we will be having Internet Explorer 8 in our hands. Also Microsoft is adding features for Silverlight and announcing some high-profile deals. Silver light will be the biggest competitor to the Adobe’s Flash. No doubt Adobe Flash has also won back some customers like Major League baseball, and continues to maintain its ubiquity advantage.

It is expected that Microsoft officials will be showing the recent most and the greatest technologies and products for the designers and website developers and in it there will be the first demo of Silverlight 3.0, Microsoft's streaming media technology, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), and Windows 7.

Silverlight is hardly 2 years old, still it bring Microsoft’s hopes of replacing Flash on the user’s PCs, laptops, and phones. Silver light has major media improvements, major graphics improvements and major application development improvements including richer data-binding support and additional controls, 3D support and GPU hardware acceleration, H264 video support.

IE 8 has been released because of the market for Web browsers getting heated up. IE 8 is quite faster in overall loading of Web pages than the slower JavaScript engines.

A near-final release candidate version of IE 8 has already been released. It is supposed that declaration of the browser done will be made because it prepares to address a crowd of Web developers. Microsoft used last year’s Mix event for offering the first public demo of IE 8.

IE 8 has various features like a private browsing mode, the ability to create "slices" of a Web page that can be viewed on their own as well as greater compliance with Web standards .

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