Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lets overcome recession with outsourcing

Outsourcing is a cost-effective method to do business in recession. In case you have staff or an in-house business partner even then you can get in benefits. So look at outsourcing, as a method of cutting infrastructure costs and adding suppleness in vague economic times. On outsourcing a strategic outside partnership is always developed with whom your interests match so as to raise and expand your business. Also it alleviate from stress and fatigue. Never allow recession to anguish you away from outsourcing. It is a common view that we can’t afford outsourcing. It’s a myth that outsourcing is costly. Actually outsourcing costs approximately half as much to outsource as compared to doing things in-house.

In business for making money it’s indispensable that money is to be spent. But focus point should never be price. Always focus should be on the value that outsourcing adds to your business and your bottom-line.

Whenever a business owner see the slowdown in the economy one thinks that there are two options: cut expenses or increase your revenue. In such situation many business owners choose the first option and again think on their expenses. It’s a general view that whenever you want to stay in business you should reduce your overheads. And the overheads can best be reduced by managing the staff properly.

Now the question arises that how could a business survive if there is not adequate staff ? Well one solution is outsourcing your non-core administrative tasks to a virtual assistant - or remote secretary.

Independent business owners which provide secretarial and administrative services to clients are Virtual Assistants (VAs). These services are usually provided from a home-based office. VAs are contractors and charge hourly rate or per project rate, accounted at regular intervals - the cost of which is fully tax withholdable. Clients are not responsible for the traditional staff on-costs of superannuation, leave loading, time in lieu, worker’s compensation, payroll tax and so on because VA is not an employee. Though it seems at first sight that VA will appear quite high but it can actually end up costing the business significantly less than on-site staff when the above on-costs are factored in.

Moreover the VAs are only paid when their work is required. So clients pay only for time on task - and not for time taken for cigarette breaks, lunch or chatting with office colleagues. In the situation when you want to relocate to smaller premises, a VA is a great solution as you don’t require providing them with equipment. Also there is no need to you to provide space, lighting, power, and telephone.

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