Saturday, March 21, 2009

Effect of 6 big smartphones players on primary market

Today there are 6 world famous smartphones iPhone , Android , BlackBerry Palm webOS, Windows Mobile and Symbian, in market.

The primary market–driver for smartphone till date was enterprises and small business. And it is expected that it will remain the same though iPhone has proved that there is a large market for smartphones.

This vibrant is a kin to the PC operating system market. Like Window Vista which has been approved by the consumers because they have already bought new PCs over the past two years. Because many businesses have ignored Vista and wedged with Windows XP, Vista has failed be the biggest OS in market. It has been labeled as a crash.

In the approaching conflict of the smart phone platforms, business will play alike function for making decision of the winners. Consumers will be driven by price, product design, and brand-recognition when buying smartphones while the businesses will be driven by platform issues like applications, security, and manageability.

Gatner has recently liberated its figures on the worldwide smartphone sales by operating system. It is said that iPhone market will not merge to 2 or 3 platforms like PC market. But there is no doubt that smartphone platform will be definitely be merging in the coming 3-4 years.

In records it has been mentioned that 162 million smartphones were sold globally in 2008. It is a record breaker actually because as per Informa it exceeded the unit sales of laptops for the first time. It is also said by viewing the Informa that smartphone sales will kick the global recession and will grow by 35% in 2009 and 38% by 2013.

By this type of information the vendors mostly get bullish and try to grab a piece of that market.