Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A more elegant browser : Safari 4

There was time when net browsers simply let you go to internet only. But now when Safarix4 is in, it has set the bar higher for web browsers. It has made browsing a joyful experience by its classy design. It is very easy to use. Also it lets to navigate from one site to another very easily. Its basically developed to accentuate browsing and not the browser.

It has the browser frame which is single pixel wide.It is actually the first browser for bringing the “real” Internet to a mobile device. It delivers pages on iPhone and iPod touch in the similar way as on your computer. Safari is the first browser to mark a built-in RSS reader.

Apple has long been a strong advocate of web standards.They allow developers in the integration of media directly into standard web pages. Also helps in reducing the development time and hence resulting in quicker response for you.

Safari4 permits web-applications for storing data on your hard drive and hence you can use them without an Internet connection. Also Safari4 is the first browser to support CSS 3 animations. This adds new interactivity to the web, and CSS effects. It allows developers in putting in buff to the websites by stylizing images and photos with noticeable incline, exact masks, and stunning reflections.

It has built-in spelling and grammar checker which make the look of blogs and emails better. Also it provides the feature of Private Browsing which helps in maintaining privacy all the time. With the help of Safari you can check your bank account, sending confidential email, or just browse the web and that too very safely.

Apple has proficiency in Mac OS X and iPhone development tools to the web. Safari 4 consists of influential set of tools which helps in easy debugging, tweaking, and optimizing a website for an excellent performance and compatibility. For accessing them just turn on the Develop menu in Safari preferences.

Safari4 is the one and only one browser which comprises of tools for managing the offline databases and which will be the part of next generation of websites. Databases panel in Safari 4 permits you to analyze tables and databases and even execute SQL queries.

The Scripts pane features the powerful JavaScript Debugger in Safari 4. For using it select the Scripts pane in the Web Inspector. Then click Enable Debugging. The debugger rotates throughout your page’s JavaScript, stopping when it meets exceptions and erroneous syntax. The Scripts panel also allows you to pause the JavaScript, set breakpoints, and evaluate local variables.

JavaScript code can be optimized using the state-of-the-art JavaScript Profiler in Safari 4. The Profiler records the performance characteristics of each of your script’s functions. It makes very convenient to identify the problem areas and drill down the offending lines of code. Just by turning on the Develop menu in the Advanced pane of Safari preferences you can access all of the developer tools in Safari 4 from your menu bar. By this you can have just a one-click access to the Web Inspector, Error Console, disabling functions, and other developer features.

Safari has International localization as it is available in 16 languages and can spell-check in 14 languages. Safari also supports multidirectional text rendering.

Also it permits websites to be drafted in other languages so as to present characters from right to left. Even Safari 4 Beta trails the sites you browse and ranks your favorites. It also presents up to 24 thumbnails just on a single page. Customization is also possible of the display by pinning a favorite site to a specific location in the grid.

While using Safari 4 if you start typing the Smart Address field instantly offers suggestions. You’ll see the Top Hit and the best matches from your browsing history and bookmark collections, each in their own easy-to-read section.