Saturday, November 21, 2009

Super Monkey Ball 2 Finally Coming to iPhone

Super Monkey Ball, the iPhone game that set the $9.99 ceiling price for several major game titles that followed is expected to have a sequel launched just in time for holiday. Sega has announced that "Super Monkey Ball 2" will debut with 115 new levels, a local Wi-Fi multiplayer option, highly improved graphics and, most notably the game will feature an enhanced control system.

Despite the huge commercial success of the original game when it launched for iPhone in July of 2008, micro-gamers were critical of Super Monkey Ball's control sensitivity. Causing major frustration for avid users accustomed to rocking the little balled wonder ape on home consoles.

"After playing a late build of the sequel, it seems they've made real strides in the controls," said Arnold Kim for TouchArcade, "In particular, I found turning to be much more precise than in the original."

Mini-games are also expected to be added to Super Monkey Ball 2 with the first game being Monkey Bowling, later followed by Monkey Golf and Monkey Target that will be added as free updates in early 2010. Currently Super Monkey Ball is on sale for $3.99. No price has been announced yet for Sega's long overdue sequel. (sneak peek video after the break).